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Mother's Day is a worldwide event celebrating mothers that is celebrated in various ways. International Mother's Day is an important occasion that falls on the second Sunday of May every year. As such, it does not have a fixed date. It is a day that reminds people of the importance and relevance of mothers in their lives, and it is marked as a day to honour all mothers around the world. The ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated the mother gods Rhea and Cybele with festivals, but the clearest modern predecessor for Mother's Day is the early Christian feast known as "Mothering Sunday." Mothering Sunday evolved into a more secular celebration over time, with children giving flowers and other symbols of thanks to their moms. Anna Jarvis, Ann Reeves Jarvis's daughter, was instrumental in establishing the official Mother's Day holiday in the early 1900s. Anna Jarvis created Mother's Day after her mother died in 1905. She wanted to commemorate the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Mother's Day is still one of the busiest days for flower and greeting card sales in the United States. Church attendance is also high on Mother's Day, with the largest attendance after Christmas Eve and Easter. Carnations, coloured if the mother is alive and white if she is deceased, are used by many worshippers to commemorate the day.